Dogged Beagle Puppy Makes Toddler Giggle With Glee


Nothing brings a smile or laughter faster than watching videos of puppies or children, but combine the two together and you just know hilarity and cuteness is on the menu. When that child is an incredibly cute toddler whose best buddy is a young Beagle pup, who refuses to let any obstacle keep him from napping with his buddy, smiles, giggles and out right laughter is sure to follow.


Laura and her best buddy, Ollie do everything together, so when it was time for Laura to take a nap, of course Ollie wanted to join her on the couch. What puppy doesn’t want to snuggle up with their bestest friend cuddled up on a nice fuzzy pink pillow and nice bottle of milk.

Unfortunately for little Beagle Ollie getting up on the couch to cuddle with his friend isn’t easy, especially for a small Beagle with short little doggy legs. Ollie of course is quite smart so when he realized the bean bag was sitting next to the couch he decided using to get onto the couch would be simple. This little pup is quite determined in fact, you could say he has a seriously dogged attitude for such a young puppy.

Ollie continues to climb on the bean bag and attempt the climb onto the couch, every time although he seems to get a bit closer to success, he slips. Every time he slips off, Laura giggles. There is nothing quite so infectious or wonderful to hear than the giggles and laughter of children.

Finally after a whole lot of giggles from Laura and a huge amount of tenacious determination from Ollie, he achieves success. Ollie finally lays his adorable little head on Laura’s lap, tries to get a taste her bottle and both puppy and toddler drift off to a peaceful cozy nap cuddled next to each other.

These two cutie-pies quite entertaining to watch as Ollie, determined to cuddle with Laura, refuses to give up his quest to join her on the couch. Every time he tries and fails little Laura begins to giggle. Her infectious giggles combined with Ollie’s delightful Beagle cuteness it such a delight to watch in this very cute video.

This video will put a smile on your face, give you a couple giggles and warm your heart. Don’t forget to share it with everyone so they too can get their daily dose of cuteness and smiles.

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