Dog With Strange Eyes, Has An Even More Stranger Past


The dog in this story is named Rowdy. Rowdy is one of the most unique animals that you will ever see. The dog has very strange eyes, but viewers should not be alarmed. No animal cruelty has taken place here and his eyes were certainly not painted to look like this. Rowdy was naturally born with this appearance and his strange eyes only begin to tell the story about his strange past.


You won’t believe what this dog has been able to survive. Rowdy has not only been poisoned throughout the course of his life, he has even been shot, too! He has overcome his shady past to become one of the most beloved dogs in all of Oregon and is now a local celebrity. This is quite a turnaround for a pooch with his condition.

Tim and Niki Umbenhower took Rowdy in and they have been able to shed additional light on his condition. Vitiligo is to blame for Rowdy’s unique appearance. The condition turned the fur around Rowdy’s eyes white and while it is not a serious ailment, it causes a loss of skin pigmentation.


The poor couple has been unable to take Rowdy out for regular walks, on account of his condition. They are gawked at by observers who wonder why they would paint their dog’s face and force him to suffer in this way. This is why they are doing everything in their power to spread awareness about vitiligo.

They are asked about Rowdy on a consistent basis and are quick to let people know that they are not cruel pet owners. Rowdy’s parents are also proud to let people know about his checkered past. The dog has been able to cheat death on multiple occasions. Perhaps Rowdy was a cat in a past life? This would definitely explain his ability to go through multiple lives, without losing a step.


It is almost impossible to believe Rowdy’s backstory. If this dog didn’t exist in real life, someone would have had to make him up. He drank too much river water on one occasion, which led to him being poisoned. The poor pup also took a bullet and continued to live on. He was accidentally shot by a local police officer, which makes him one heck of a miracle dog. Niki and Tim are definitely proud of Rowdy and are happy to have him under their roof.

While his eyes are strange, Rowdy refuses to let his uncharacteristic appearance and past circumstances dictate his level of happiness. If only he were human, he could become a rap or metal star and tour the globe. For now, Rowdy will simply have to settle for being a local celebrity. We’re guessing this will suit him just fine. Be sure to share Rowdy’s astonishing tale.


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