Dog Who Has Been Dumped Again & Again Cries As He Hugs His Blankie


Those of us who have experienced rejection on a frequent basis know just how painful that process can be, whether it’s getting denied your dream job or being turned down by the person who you like most. The feeling that washes over us when we are turned away by the people we most want to accept us is too painful to articulate and it can make us stop trying altogether, out of fear.


The dog who you are about to meet knows this feeling all too well. His name is King and King’s sad existence has taught him the importance of cherishing the little things, since you never know when they are going to be taken away from you. His original owner decided that he no longer wanted him, so he was unceremoniously dumped at a North Carolina animal shelter.

King was on the brink of being put to sleep, when an animal rescue group to step in and grant him a stay of execution. However, King is a long way from being out of the woods. One woman stepped up to the plate and tried to become a foster mother to him, only to have her husband overrule her and declare that King was far too scary looking to live in their house.


After this incident took place, King was shuttled back to the animal shelter. But the shelter was actually closed when the couple tried to bring him back, so they settled for tying him to a fence outside. The next family took him with no problems, only to learn that they could not keep him, due to a breed restriction within their region.


King headed to a boarding facility, where he would finally meet the person who change his life forever: Roberta Sá Griner. Roberta has served as a dog rescuer to many other pups in King’s predicament and is putting the word out to everyone who will listen that King has no behavioral issues whatsoever and that he would make a great addition to anyone’s home.


Just watch him as he cries over his blanket. Does this look like a dog that deserves the life he’s been forced to lead? If you’d like to provide King with the home he needs or you know someone who can, be sure to drop Roberta a line on her Facebook or send an e-mail to Please and thank you!

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