A Dog Walks Up To The Counter At A Bank And Does The CUTEST Thing!


Lots of banking institutions enact strict rules about allowing pets into their buildings. Animals have been known to cause a ruckus in situations like these and their owners are not always able to control them. But the dog in this video was able to walk into a bank and while that may sound like the setup for some sort of hack joke, we promise you, this clip is 100 percent real.

This dog was not content just to go to the bank with her owner. Gracie is a golden retriever and she is definitely not like all of the other dogs. She has a high level of confidence and she has apparently sauntered right up to the counter like she owns the joint.
Hopping from counter to counter, Gracie demands service now! We can only imagine how hard the tellers and other bank workers must have been laughing, as they watched the pup’s head bob up and down at their work space.

Using the counter to hold herself up, Gracie will stop at nothing until she gets exactly what she came for. This customer demands satisfaction, darn it, and how could you ever say no to a face that cute? After watching her hop up and down for a few moments, one of the tellers fetches exactly what she has been looking for.

A deposit slip? A new checkbook? No, silly, all Gracie wants is the treat that the teller is dangling in front of her. How can a dog be expected to resist a cookie that is this delicious? She has worked for her treat and even the teller agrees that her cookie is a very well deserved one.

Gracie’s one greedy dog, though, and instead of heading home with her gains, she’s decided to make yet another withdrawal. Hopefully, she has some extra cookies in her account to make up for all the ones she’s eaten. While we do not know the particulars of her financial situation, we would imagine that she will always be able to head back to this specific bank when it is time to withdraw once again.
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This just might be the funniest minute that you spend all week or even all month. After you’ve watched and enjoyed Gracie’s exploits, take time out to share this clip with your dog loving buddies and family members. Spread the love and don’t be shy about passing it along!

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