Dog Thrown Out Of A Pickup Truck Just Happy To Be Rescued


These days many people with older dogs yet looking to get another puppy prefer to mysteriously do away with their older dogs. This often happens when they are fed up with living with their dogs or when they have issues with them not getting along.


However, from the real world of humanity, it is very sickening to choose to dump the older dog. It is difficult to come to terms with such a wicked act as we are still yet to understand how such people could arrive at that conclusion. Come to think of it. A dog living with you for years now should be treated like garbage simply because it does not get on so well with a new dog.


We can outrightly say that people who throw away their dog from a cat window do not necessary know anything about love. Can you fathom giving up a dog you had loved for many years? No matter how inconvenient a dog may grow to become, they do not worth being disposed like garbage. Thanks to the help provided by breed rescues, this act would have been a common trend or even a tradition.

In South Carolina, a puppy was recently flung out of a pickup truck. While the perpetrator managed to escape, it was certain that the dog was abandoned to her death. People who witnessed the action said the little pup was tossed out of a truck like trash. Fortunately, when animal control officers came around the scene, they found the puppy alive and soon picked her off of the road and left.


But the story did not end there, Boxer Butts & Other Mutts founder Heridi Schermerhorn soon stepped in to adopt the pup after hearing of the ordeal she had passed through. He wanted to go with her the very same day he saw her picture, however, she was not released due to a five-day stray hold that was placed on her even after experiencing such a cruel act.


At last Callie (that’s her name) was released and handed over to Heridi and before you know it the unwanted little pup soon became so loved and adorable. But according to the organization vet, Callie will have to stay a while before living a normal life as she had severe skin infection and deep wounds on her.

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