Dog Sat On The Road Beside A Pink Tarpaulin. When They Learned Why? I Cried


Dogs have an incredible amount of loyalty and when they lose someone that they are close to, they tend to become very despondent and downtrodden. This is especially true of dogs that have lost the person that they are closest to. When a dog is forced to deal with loss, they express their grief in a number of ways and the experience is very profound for them.


The dog that you are about to see in these images lost the person he cared about most and became very sad and depressed as a result. Pet parents who have seen their animal’s reaction to a loss are already well aware of this fact. This particular case of loyalty just might be one of the most heartbreaking ones we have ever seen.


Leonardo Valdes was just 23 years old, when his life was tragically cut short. This young man was chopped down in his prime, while he was walking his dog. He was out for a stroll with his pal Doki, when he was struck by an oncoming car and killed instantly. Can you imagine the range of emotions that Doki must have went through when this horrific event took place?


Help would soon arrive on the scene and they found Doki still laying there next to his deceased owner, looking completely and utterly helpless. The heartbroken dog watched as the body of Leonardo was covered up, but he refused to move. Doki was not going to leave his beloved owner behind, no matter what.

When passerby saw the sad dog and bore witness to his loyalty, they immediately felt sorry for him. How could you not feel some level of empathy for this poor pup? One minute, he is out for a nice walk with his owner and the next minute, he is essentially an orphan. What a cruel twist of fate that has been handed to a sweet, loyal pup who did nothing to deserve it.


Just take a look at these images….


This incredibly sad story breaks our heart and those of us who can’t imagine being kept apart from our own pets will definitely relate to this touching tale of loyalty. We wish that the driver of the car that killed Leonardo had exercised a bit more caution and we send our deepest condolences to his friends and family members. Please share away, everyone. Rest in peace, Leonardo.


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