Dog Lovers Everywhere Rally Around Pit Bull Dragged Behind Truck By “Forgetful” Owners


Despite the torture and abuse a dog went through, it gladdens the heart to know that he is recovering fast. It goes to prove that even with all that they go through; they are still “man’s best friend” because when they bounce back after recovery, they still crave for human companionship.


Regardless of this however, it is time to reflect and realize that there are certain people in the world that are not only inhumane but heartless enough to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal such that it warrants medical treatment.

While we may question this menace in our society, we can still contribute in our own little way by assisting animals in distress, taking them for proper treatment and donating to animal rescue organizations.


This lovely pit bull named Tuff Guy is indeed lucky to be alive after one of such terrible ordeals. The owners claimed they forgot that they had earlier tied Tuff Guy to their truck bumper when they drove off dragging him for about a mile and a half through Hawaii’s Sugar Beach.

Just at the nick of time before the dog could die from the effect of its injuries, they stopped and he was taken in for medical treatment. Found limping on the road side by good Samaritans Chelsi and her boyfriend, she confirmed that it was difficult for her to bear looking at the Tuff Guy because of the severity of his injuries.


At Central Maui Animal Clinic where he was taken for extensive medical treatment, observation showed that the wounds he sustained were almost all around his body with his privates all ground down and he further lost a considerable amount of skin on about 60% of his body especially at his feet where his bones were exposed due to the scrapes. Though he is recuperating well, doctors say he has a long way to go for total recovery

Amazingly, when his heartbreaking and shocking story was published in the media, donations began pouring in from all over to cover the expenses of his medical treatment of which involved several surgeries.


Though there has not been any indication yet that the owners will face any charges for the horrible injuries the dog sustained, this is indeed a wakeup call, Tuff Guy or any other animal did not need to go through this terrible experience if only his owners had been more caring by remembering where he was at all times.

Hopefully, Tuff Guy will live up to his name and pull out of this incident “tougher”.

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