Dog Left Tied Outside In Freezing Temperatures Thanks His Rescuer With Kisses!


Freezing weather in late January is no place for a dog. Perhaps they thought that leaving them by the animal shelter would dull the impact of being left in a blizzard to potentially die? When this dog was left tied to a gate in the cold, hoping that someone from New Jersey’s Parsippany Animal Control Shelter would finally come along and rescue him, he probably thought that his days were numbered.


He had been left with nothing more than a toy, some food and a water dish that had frozen due to the weather conditions. No one could have blamed this pitbull if he had given up hope and simply waited for the cold to claim his life.

Luckily for him, Officer J Williams arrived in the nick of time. This friendly police officer allowed the dog to sit in the back of his squad car and warm up. The dog was beyond grateful for the help he received and smothered Officer Williams with tons of sloppy puppy kisses.


Once the officer rescued the dog from the cold, he was brought into the shelter and given the second chance he so richly deserved. The dog’s picture was then posted to Facebook, so that more information could be learned. The post was shared over a thousand times and his story has now been told on a wide range of websites.

Take a moment to look at these images.


The objective of searching for information on social media? To find the owner who did this to an innocent dog and bring them to justice. In the meantime, the pup is in now in search of a forever home, a place where he can avoid this sort of cruel and inhumane treatment. Thanks to Officer J Williams and the good people at Parsippany Animal Control Shelter, he is on his way to a great home.

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