Dog Just Stares At Wall After His New Family Returned Him


If things are not working out between two humans, they can just walk away from each other and leave. At least humans can take care of themselves. Sadly for a dog, that is not the case. If things don’t work out, they are surrendered to a shelter. There is no given chance to explain or show how much they love and care for their owners. Nor do they have a chance to beg their family to keep them and not neglect them. Or how they won’t beg for food anymore and sit on the couch.


This is the story of a dog called March, a dog who was surrendered without notice by his new family. The staff at ACCT Philly were happy to hear when one of their dogs were finally going to their forever loving home. March was ready to leave the shelter and be part of a new family, or was he? Unfortunately, for reasons unknown the adoption did not go through. Instead of going home, he ended up being returned to the Philadelphia city shelter. He thought life had given him another chance to a be part of a family again. Take a look at these images:


This is not only the case for March, but it is the case for many dogs. Not taking into account what damage people do to animals when they change their minds and send them to a shelter. It’s no picnic at a shelter either. Not to mention he will be lucky if he is in a no kill shelter. Hearing all the other animals, especially the dogs barking and wishing they were not trapped in some unforsaken cage. Dogs are not meant to be stuck in a small confined place, nor is any animal.

The excitement he probably felt when thinking he was going into a home is heart breaking. Dogs have feelings too and don’t deserve this shattering disappointment. There is nothing worse than just wanting to give love and then not being able to.


March is probably cold, scared, alone, and not being shown any love or affection from people. That’s why he needs love and affection from a good family. March is loyal and caring, he deserves the same back. Maybe this will get people thinking twice before they decide to just neglect their pets.

If you know of anyone who is willing to take March home and give him a forever loving home, email me I can send you more information. Please share away!

Thank you.

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