Dog Has Been In Shelter So Long, She Just Hides Under Her Bed


As a puppy, Princess’ lust for life and her quirky nature never failed to command the admiration hearts and win smiles, this however didn’t last for long. Her transfer to Collier County animal shelter from another shelter in august posed quite a challenge to pull her out of her shell. Nelly Mercado of Friends of Collier County Domestic Animal Service tells The Dodo that ‘at that time, she just didn’t want to be bothered’. Susan Barry, a volunteer added that she was scared and timid from the beginning.


A good recall however suggests a sense of paradise when Princess arrived as she was one of the well-known dogs at the shelter with an effusive and uninhibited abundant vitality yet as a year old says Barry.

Princess was this active and much fun despite that she suffers heartworm disease, a disease judged untreatable but with the dog’s energy in check.


Five months after, suddenly, Princess is seen to have inexplicably run out of vitality. A video post to Facebook this week shows a shelter volunteer paying a visit to Princess in her Kernel as the dog, though now a year old, won’t come out from under her bed.


Once again Barry expresses his unbelief on seeing the video and describing her as like when she first came in. And now Princess had once again regressed to becoming the once timid, anxious dog when first transferred here from another shelter five months ago. The difference between the exuberant Princess of about a week ago and the Princess who now shies under the bed is like the difference in black and white perhaps it’s because five months in any shelter is enough long night experience for the spirit of any animal.


In Barry’s opinion, Kernel shelter is just enough to get to them, laying on cement floors, though they have beds in their Kernel, they are nonetheless in a shell. There is no one there with them when the volunteers go home at 6 o’clock till the next morning.

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