These Dogs Had Their Beds Stolen By Cats, And Their Reactions Say It All!


Naturally, cats have this kind of instincts that are noticeably known to be calm, unlike dogs that can be so easily agitated. There are some pet lovers who prefer to live with both cats and dogs. In such cases, you are bound to see the incredible as they both strive to win the heart of their human parents by seeking for attention.

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However, it could be difficult to determine who does better when it comes to loyalty and tolerance. If this were to be a subject of debate, you will hardly arrive at an agreement or be convinced with a tangible answer, as it would be difficult to choose between the two.

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Most people love cats because they are so quiet and calm while others prefer to have dogs because they have proven to be very friendly and caring. Although these are both household pets, there are certain unique attributes that you can find in one and not in the other. For instance, unlike the cat who will eat his dead owner, a dog is ever willing to remain at his dead owner’s side even until death.

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When it comes to showing love and great affection, no other animal surpasses the dog. When you come home from work, you are sure to see how your dog will greet you with great enthusiasm as if you have long been missing and now found.

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Hardly can you find a dog that discriminates or holds a grudge against its owner. In fact, to show its appreciation and submission, a dog will cheerfully bring gifts for its owner. When ordered to do a certain thing, a dog will immediately do so without any delay. Even when he does wrong, he shows remorse and smiles, plays and walks with its owner so heartedly.

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Now come to think of how free dogs can be with anyone. The same way a dog would relate to its human owner so does it with its feline counterparts. See how these cats have taken over the beds of their canine friends due to covetousness yet, some of these dogs have chosen to look for an alternative by sleeping on the floor while others are left with no other option but to stand and watch, hoping that they (cats) finish soon.

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