Dog Found With Cockroach Nests In Her Fur Undergoes Dramatic Transformation


If we have learnt anything from watching Disney movies, it’s that fairy tales are not limited by the characters’ gender, race or any other divides for that matter – including their species.83011-001

Fairytale is definitely the word on the mind of Sury, the dog who was found in a dismal state but has been transformed so much that the days of its neglect seem like forever ago.

The Shih Tzu which was name Sury as a short form of survivor – a befitting name considering what it must have gone through before being found – was discovered in truly terrible state by Jasper County Animal Rescue Personnel.


The helpless little animal was found covered in filth and fleas and it was so dirty that cockroaches helped themselves to a home within her fur.


Sury was abandoned outside of a shelter when it was found in its carrier with food that had not only gone bad, but already grown mold. While this isof course a huge reflection of what kind of person put it in such a condition, the animal was not having the rosiest of lives and surely needed to catch a break – and luckily, it did when it was found.


The dog is thought to be about 10 years old, but sadly it has suffered abandonment for months on end before it was rescued having eye and ear infections to show for its struggles over the course of those months.

Sury needed to be groomed for nearly five hours in order to get it looking like a live dog again – and when all was done, she was quite the sight to behold too!


She not only looked a different dog from the mass of dirt that was found before, but she had a beauty that was being hidden by her struggles and neglect.

Now it has found a new lease of life and is ready for that happily ever after in a loving home.


Sury’s story is a fairy tale because the greatest wish it must have harboured during its months of neglect and unhappiness must have been to find food, shelter, warmth and maybe some love (we can’t exactly read a dog’s mind – or that of any other animal – but you get the point).


It has found regular feeding and grooming including care for its health issues. It has a shelter too, but a loving home would give it that characteristically grand Disney-movie-ending.

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