15-Year-Old Dog Cries As Owner Leaves Her Behind And Walks Out With Young Dog


This is the story of an old pup whose name is Cocker Spaniel. The fifteen-year-old dog had been part of a family all her life. She had become so used to her adopted family to the extent that she became heartbroken and terribly downcast when she learnt that her beloved family has chosen to move away without. The most saddening part of the story is that they have decided to take up a younger dog instead and abandon her to be left to herself.

Usually, a family would only want to make a replacement for their previous dog who must have meant the world to them but maybe now lost to the cold hands of death. Most families would not think about replacing their canine relative until it dies or gets lost. However, this is not the case with Cocker Spaniel.
This faithful pup is obviously old (15 years old) but she is not too old to be part of the family where she grew up. Recently, a much younger dog was introduced to the family as a replacement for her and to her dismay, she could do nothing but weep when she learnt that they were moving out without her.

Although many, will want to wait for time to pass, as they would prefer to take out time to heal from the demise of their dog before opting to bring in a new canine companion into the home. But this family blatantly refused to wait. They went out of their way to find a new replacement for Cocker and bring into the home without seeking her consent.

Cocker could not help but cry like a baby when she was brought in to a shelter named Cookie and abandoned there. The matter grew worst and more saddening when her family promptly walked away with a newly adopted black Labrador puppy. As she watched her family leave with the new dog, the heartbroken Cookie who could not understand why her family was treating her that way broke down deeply in tears.
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However, things changed for the better for Cookie as she was adopted by Brittney Place to a new forever home. This time, she would neither be left behind nor neglected again.

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