This Dog Could Tell His Owner Was Sad, So He Did Something Unexpectedly Adorable


Drovie, a tumblr user, was having a bad day at therapy, crying and being miserable when Zeus, a cute dog kept at her service, brought her potato.

Fast forward to a year after, Drovie was in the same mood and Zeus brought her correct pill bottle, a bottle of embossing powder and two potatoes. Being a lover of potatoes she said “it is very hard to cry with a gift of a potato”.

In one act, Zeus has not just been Drovie’s best friend but also aided her therapy. He lightened up her mood and ensured her pills were brought as close as possible. Her mood might have caused her to skip her pills, but Zeus intervened. Aren’t dogs adorable?
Imagine a situation where dogs are used in hospitals for therapeutic purposes and are made to be at the service of the patients. Imagine that they carry out acts which are of interest to patients undergoing therapy and make them feel like Drovie. This would go a long way in making the jobs of doctors and nurses easier. Zeus’ act of bringing Drovie’s pills closer to her could be likened to what a nurse does for a patient in a hospital bed.


So are we going to replace nurses with more Zeus’? Of course not, but we should try and include more dogs like Zeus to facilitate the treatment of patients. Take for instance, a kid undergoing therapy and he loves chocolates and screams at the sight of injection. Then a dog kept at his service delivers chocolates and keeps him distracted, the kid definitely will be carried away first at the sight of a cute dog, then secondly, at the fact that the said dog was offering him chocolates with his caring eyes staring right at the kid, soothingly! And before we know it, the medical practitioner must have administered the kid’s dosage and gone away.

Service dogs aid in relieving stress and anxiety among persons undergoing therapy. Their presence provides warmth and serves as palliatives. This is confirmed by what Drovie said “So cute! But the best part? It works. It is very hard to cry with a gift of a potato”. Dogs can be used for therapy, aid patients and their presence can be somewhat therapeutic.

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