Dog becomes best friends with kitten, and they explore nature together, the kitty rides on his back


While cats and dogs are often portrayed as being natural born enemies, many of them are able to strike up lasting friendships with one another. Families who own cats will often provide them with a friendly dog to play with and vice versa. When they are given a chance to spend time together in a stable environment, friendship tends to blossom and Koda and Jessie are no different.


Jessie and Koda were brought together by their owner Emily and the dynamic duo enjoys a multitude of hiking adventures in the greater Alberta, Canada area. Jessie’s a Australian Labradoodle and while she is already three years old, this has not stopped her from becoming fast friends with Koda, a four month old kitten who was adopted into the family by Emily.

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The trio regularly heads out into the Canadian wilderness for nature treks and they have become quite the happy family as a result. Jessie graciously allows Koda to ride on her back when the terrain gets to be too much and the two make for quite a sight. It is certainly not every day that you see a dog and cat get along this well.


Thankfully, we have the pictures to prove it. Emily says that Jessie was not initially happy to carry around an extra passenger during family hikes, but these pictures show that the two have gotten very used to each other’s company. It is safe to say that Koda has grown on Jessie quite a bit and with a face like that, how can you blame her?


Koda was rescued from an overcrowded home by Emily and when the little kitten was first brought home to meet his new big sister, the two took an almost immediate liking to each other. Stories like these are proof that kindred spirits exist everywhere, we just have to be open minded enough to find them.


Koda’s certainly not your average everyday cat and he is an avid explorer of the outdoors. He loves hikes and long drives, but like most cats, he is also very fond of nibbling on his wet food and chasing all of his feather toys around the house.


There’s no denying that these pals are highly photogenic and greatly enjoy their time together. Be sure to pass along this amazing tale of friendship to all of the animal lovers in your life as soon as possible.


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