Don’t Tell This Puppy ‘No’ Unless You Want To See An Unbearably Cute Temper Tantrum


It is often the little ones that you have to watch out for, as they say, and the adorable puppy that you are about to meet in this video is certainly no different. Smaller animals are used to having to fight for respect and admiration and when they do not get their way, they have a way of letting everyone in their midst know about it.


Smaller people and animals who are feisty are said to have a Napoleonic complex and it only makes sense that this puppy would be named after this common personality trait. Our little friend Napoleon is a small mixed breed dog who has no qualms about telling his foster mother off when he is not allowed to do as he pleases.

But this cute little face is definitely hard to say no to and we cannot understand how his foster mother can maintain the level of restraint that she shows when he starts to show his displeasure. For most dogs, a ride in the passenger seat of the car would be more than enough to keep them happy. For Napoleon, this is merely a prelude to what he really wants.

As Mom drives, he watches her intently and those eyes make us wonder why this little pup does not get his way every single time. The crying noises he makes once Mom doesn’t let him climb onto her lap are something that you will have to hear in order to believe.

Ever since Napoleon became a viral star, the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue has begun fielding questions about the puppy, as interested citizens inquire about his status. At the present time, they are unable to identify his breed, although they believe he is mixed with Corgi.

Because of his medical condition (he suffers from a lack of motility, as well as dwarfism), he remains in the care of a foster family until he is ready to be adopted. Southern Indiana Animal Rescue is fully committed to ensuring his health before allowing him to leave their care. His foster mom is keeping an eye on him and with eyes like those, who could possibly blame her?

If you would like to remain updated about the status of this adorable little tantrum thrower, then be sure to visit the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue. In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious video and keep Napoleon in your thoughts and prayers.

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