A Disoriented Pup Was Found By A Busy Road. They Approach, And The Sweetest Thing Happens!


Seeing a puppy wandering around on the side of the road is a sight that we see so often, most of us have become rather desensitized to it. For some of us, this is a problem for someone else to worry about and we carry on with our day as if nothing has happened at all. Meanwhile, there are others who simply cannot abide a sight like the one you’re about to see and decide to step in and help.

The dog in this clip is named Fram and Fram was moseying about, as normal. But the rescuers who would end up changing his life were worried, since he was walking in a very disoriented manner just a few feet away from oncoming cars. If they did not intervene, Fram would eventually collide with one of these speeding vehicles and likely be killed or badly hurt in the process.
Not only did Fram look very afraid, but the rescue team was also frightened, as well. They were worried that he might make a sudden move and dart out in front of a car.

From there, any number of awful things could happen, including a several car pile-up. The good people at Howl of a Dog decided that their best course of action would be to wait for him to become comfortable with their presence and encouraged him to allow them to approach him on his own time.

Within an hour, Fram had warmed up to their presence and was ready to be helped. The sweet, gentle pup even thanked the rescuers, in his own very special way. He did not slobber all over them with big, wet kisses, nor did he jump up and down. The gesture he chose was much simpler and far more powerful: he offered his paw and shook hands with the group.

If you’d like to see what happens after this initial meet and greet, then be sure to stay tuned into this clip for its full entirety. It is our most sincere hope that Fram is able to find a forever home to call his own soon. This dog is too sweet and too polite to be left all alone out there in the cold world.
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