Different Poop Rituals For Men And Women


This little video is hilarious. You might not want to share this with a person you just started to date, but sharing the video with a person of the opposite sex that you know well should make for some laughs. Naturally, both sexes will use this little video to prove their superiority over the other sex in that matter of pooping.
Oddly, men go first in this video.

A twenty something man goes into the bathroom and announces that he has to take a “s**t”. The man picks up a magazine and browses through it. He shouts through the door that “You can’t rush these things” and “I’ll be out when I’m out”.

After looking through several magazines, the man examines the contents of the medicine cabinet. He tells his friend that you should not put deodorant on broken skin. We are left to assume that his friend has an underarm problem.

The guy weighs himself while on the throne and lets everyone know that his legs weigh 79 pounds. He examines the air freshener.

When his business is finally complete, the man realizes that there is no toilet tissue. Naturally, he announces the find through the door and searches for extra toilet paper in the cabinet below the sink.

Finding no toilet paper, the irritated man rips a page from a magazine and completes his movement. You have to give the man credit for some sense of hygiene because he does wash his hands.

Now we see the female difference.

A young woman enters the bathroom announcing that she needs to wash her hands. She lights a scented candle on the back of the toilet. She checks the smell of the air freshener and turns on the water in the sink.

The lady shouts through the door “Man my hands were so dirty.” She also says “The soap smells like soap” and asks if this water is drinkable.

While still sitting on the throne and doing her business, the young woman sprays air freshener all about and coughs due to the amount of air freshener.

She lights the scented candle again and grabs a hair dryer out of the cabinet under the sink to dispel the odors she has created. She makes an excuse to the people outside that she needs to dry her hair.

Finally, the young woman asks if she can light a candle for her grandmother because her grandmother was really special to her and she always lights a candle for her grandmother when she can. This might be a Catholic toilet.

At least according to this funny little video, women are indeed very concerned about the odors their poop may make and will go to extreme lengths to hide the aromatic evidence as well as lie about what they are doing in the bathroom. Apparently, men just do not care who knows what they are doing in the bathroom.

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