Dentist’s Office Hires Cutest Assistant To Help Patients Relax


How many times have you put off going to the dentist because of the very thought of having an injection or even a clean and polish gives you the heebie-jeebies? How many times have you heard the dentist say that you won’t feel a thing?


It is scary enough for adults, so you can imagine how a child feels when walking into a sterile environment. They smell the stringent disinfectants, hear the drilling instruments and when they actually catch sight of the sharp instruments – it is the thing nightmares are made of.


It has been proved that the anxiety of being there enhances the pain receptors so that the patient feels more pain than they would if they were relaxed.


This is fully understood by dentists but there isn’t really anything they can do about it. They try and allay the fears of their patients by having dolls around and promising lollipops at the end of the visit.


But this Pediatric Dentist in Northbrook, Illinois decided to do something real about it. Their four-legged friend named JoJo was taken on as an assistant and is a huge help in the practice putting the young patients at ease. She is one of the team and a very welcome addition in this busy practice.


This wonderful Golden Retriever has been trained to comfort and she sits on the dental chair with the patient allaying his fears by her warm and soft presence. The dentist can get on with the job happily knowing that here patient is at ease.


JoJo puts out a paw and allows the child to hold onto her. This is especially important when the patient is a special needs child. The very fact that she is there with them, makes the whole experience a pleasant memory.


JoJo acts as a distraction and with her weight on the patient’s legs, the dentist is sure to have a perfectly relaxed and still patient on which to work. There is no fidgeting with this patient. She and JoJo are perfectly happy in each other’s company.


Having a check-up or clean isn’t at all frightening while JoJo is in attendance. The children love JoJo and it is easy to convince them to come back for a follow-up visit.


Playing with this gentle and loving creature makes coming to the dentist great fun.

Before, during and after the visit, the patients are sure to have someone there to hold their hand, stay with them and make the whole visit a wonderful experience.

Even the staff take time out to lie on the floor with JoJo. She is loved by all and she has a great capacity for love and care. She is the perfect assistant in a busy dental office who specializes in paediatric dentistry. Who wouldn’t want to go to the dentist with JoJo around?

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