Six Ginger Kittens Are So Identical You Can’t Tell Them Apart!


These six little ginger darlings may be one of the cutest living creatures you must have likely ever seen. All from the same litter, these sextuplet kittens are they are looking so charming and adorable. Although this phenomenon is a common lifestyle with cats but the perfection and accuracy defined here are a perfect one.


These little angels are born of one mother cat and so they are siblings. It is very difficult to tell them apart because they look so identical. They have an equal gender ratio with 3 boys and 3 girls in the litter.


It is pretty uneasy to say who is who; even their owner, Cindy, finds it difficult to be able to distinguish them. Thanks to the colored coded collars on their neck, this is the only way she could be able to tell one from the other. However, the task of identification isn’t still an easy thing, as the colored collars could not help that much.


Apart from the fact that these cute angles look very much alike from the top of their head to the sole of their feet, their character and actions are also very much similar. You can hardly find them apart, they are always together both at night and during the day.


Whenever it is time to sleep, they do this together in a big cuddle puddle. However, it can be difficult to get them all to do the same thing, in the same spot, at the same time. They are very muck so quiet, humble and tender. As cheerful as they could be, they may want to go out and find so toys to play with of find a lap to play on, at times.


These calm and quiet creatures are not used to making much noise, but whenever they do so, you would wish it could continue and go on and on because the sound they make is always heartwarming and heart melting.


You may begin to wonder how these poor creatures with little vocal cords could make such pleasant sounds.


Although some of them are more active when it comes to having fun especially the boys. They like climbing on things while the girls prefer playing with toys like Ruby whose favorite toy is the little-studded fish.


Also, they enjoy taking nap together; sometimes a human may be included in their naptimes.

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