Curious Cat Sneaks Up On The Dog. Seconds Later? I Shouldn’t Laugh But Can’t Help It!


“The Internet is made of cats,” they say, and with good reason. Most of the memes that go viral start with, or are made of cats. Whether it’s LOLCats, GrumpyCat, or Maru-Chan the rather cute Scottish Fold from Japan, cats elicit a “squee” from everyone. There are subreddits of cats, BuzzFeed has videos upon videos of them, and, ICanHasCheezburger are all cat-centric meme websites. You’d wonder why we Internet-dwelling hoomins have such a fascination for cats.
And yet, it works. Thanks to cats, these websites have built empires around just cats. Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell has a sizable following because of cat-taming. And there are even articles that say that looking at cute things, cats for one, produces a bump in productivity. Maybe life is just better with more cute cats parading around the Internet.

Thanks to the Internet, Friskies and Whiskas have a very viral platform to advertise.

But did you know, that as early as 1870, Harry Pointer already created daguerreotype photos of cats, with captions on them? Then in the early 20th century, Harry Whittier Frees did the exact same thing: Put captions on cat photos, essentially creating LOLCat memes in their time!

In the 1970s, motivational posters were created with cats in the background. And as for the Internet, it was sometime in 2005 when the forum 4Chan started the “Caturday” meme, as a protest to “Furry Fridays.” Since that time, cats are a constant fixture on the Internet, essentially powering it, according to certain circles.

There are even Facebook communities built around cats. PostSecret has secrets with cat photos on them once in a while. The Whisper app has a lot of Whispers with cat backgrounds. And if you look for #cat, #cats, #catstagram on Instagram, you’ll get a whole lot of cat pictures to “Squee!” on. And if you want to take your passion for cats a notch higher and give back to the cat community, you can sign petitions for the betterment of cats with a click of a button.

Then there are YouTube video collections of cats captured (cat-pured?) in all their funny and cute glory. From cats playing Fruit Ninja on an iPad, Maru-Chan climbing all the things or stuffing himself into all the boxes, or even cats smacking dogs and getting away with it. Hoomins just can’t get enough of cats!

And so, we bring you a video compilation of cats in all their mean, but cute glory. This video shows 20 cats who ran into a glitch, in spite of their awesomeness. On one hand, “poor kitties.” On the other, “serves you right, kitty cat!” Whichever side you’re on, we’re sure you’d find this video hilarious. If you agree, share with your friends and fam!

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