Couple Walking Through The Woods Stumbles Upon Four Crying Kittens


A young man and woman are strolling through what looks like a wooded park in Houston, Texas when they come upon four abandoned kittens. The kittens look to be between four and five weeks old. The couple does what anyone should do and take the abandoned kittens home with them.


Share this video with people so they know what to do when they find abandoned animals. The kittens are cute and charming naturally. The point is that the people are willing to do something that saves the animals from a short and difficult life. The people do it without even thinking about “consequences”.

This is a very tender and loving video. The discovery of the kittens is just an accident. The kittens obviously had been around people before because they immediately warm to the young couple and although a little reticent are lured into the man’s arms and finally into the car.

The cats are cute. One is mostly white with blue eyes and the others are various combinations of black, gray, and white. The man says he can feel the kitten’s bones and can tell that they are undernourished and dirty.

The shot of the four little cats snoozing in a box on the way to the couple’s home is so endearing that anyone would love to see it if you share it with them.

The shots of the kittens drinking water from individual bowls and eating dry food are simply precious. The couple finds out that the owner that abandoned the cats had fed them wet food. The kitties show a definite preference for canned fish based cat food. It is obvious that the couple spent their own money to buy cat food because there are no other cats in the house.

The man shows a great deal of bravery in bathing the dirty little cats. Granted, the man is hundreds of times bigger than the cats but the normal response to baths by cats can be outlandishly violent. The kittens seem to understand that the bath is for their good and put up no resistance except for pouts.

This is a real world example of love for animals that takes action. No person forced the man and woman to adopt the homeless cats. There is some evidence that the woman had some influence over the man in the decision but he seems to be very happy with the result. You should share this as a how to for kitten rescue.

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