Cops Pulled Over This Car. But They Had NO Idea Who Would Step Out!


The cop in this clip was simply doing his job when he saw this black Lamborghini come flying past him, without any of the proper tags and vehicle identification. Driving a flashy car like this one is always sure to draw a fair amount of attention, but the driver in the video took it one step further by emulating the Caped Crusader.

Instead of having a license plate for his fine automobile, this man decided to replace it with a Batman symbol, drawing the ire of this police officer. Just as anyone would expect, the police cruiser’s lights and sirens sprang into action and the would-be Batman was asked to pull the vehicle over to the side of the road.

It should not have come as a surprise when the police officers approached the pulled over vehicle and caught a glimpse of THE Batman sitting inside. When he is asked for his license and registration, he decides to get out of the vehicle so that he can locate his lost papers, treating us to a full body view of his costume.

The police officers, who are no longer able to contain their curiosity (or their laughter), decide to ask “Batman” a few questions about his get up and vehicle. Although they can barely conceal their sarcasm, they listen attentively as this ersatz superhero tells the officers about the true story of his costume.

As it turns out, Batman’s given name is actually Lenny and breaking the law was the furthest thing from his mind. He was en route to a children’s hospital when these officers pulled him over and his objective is to spread cheer to the sick and provide superhero happiness to those who need him.

The police officers were very understanding of the situation and let Lenny (excuse me, Batman) off with just a warning. It is safe to say that the officers involved in this traffic stop will be telling the story to their friends, family and colleagues for years to come. It is not every day that you come across a real, live superhero in the flesh.

Lenny is living proof that all superheroes do not have to put on their capes to fight crime. A superhero is someone who decides to bring cheer to people who have been deprived, a person who is selfless and puts the concerns of others over their own.

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