Cops Mourn The Death Of Their Littlest Friend


Cops have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They put their lives on the line each and every day, to protect and serve the general public. If not for the police, we would have zero protection from all of the bad guys out there who mean to do us harm. Facing immediate danger is just a part of their daily routine and for that, we are forever grateful.


Since their jobs are so dangerous, they are forced to keep a stiff upper lip, which can lead to a false perception. While there are those who find reasons to criticize the men and women in blue, most of us realize that they are not made of steel, that they experience the same roller coaster of feelings and emotions that the rest of us go through.


The demeanor that they are forced to maintain is a product of their work environment, not their actual personalities. The average police officer is a regular person like the rest of us. They are fathers, they are sons, they are mothers, they are daughters. Not only do police officers have feelings, but they also have a strong sense of humor.


They can only show these emotions on the rarest of occasions, though. The Omaha Police Department is a prime example of this conundrum. They befriended a cute little squirrel who made his home in their station’s parking lot. He would spend his days chattering at any officer who came his way and snacking on generous sunflower seed donations.

The squirrel even became a celebrity, as the officers established a Twitter account in her name. Her name on Twitter is @Opdsquirrel and the Omaha officers would post lighthearted photos of her doing squirrel stuff and followers of the account greatly enjoyed learning more about her exploits.


But when this squirrel experienced her untimely demise, the officers treated the situation as a mini crime scene, outlining the animal in chalk and posting images of grief stricken officers on the aforementioned Twitter account. While this squirrel has moved on to a better place, her presence is definitely not forgotten.


Crime scenes can be tough to deal with, but these officers handed the situation with grace, aplomb and brevity. Be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones, so that we can spread the word about these amazingly compassionate police officers. Spread the love, everyone!


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