Tiny Kitten Born With A Tiny ‘Snout’ Knows She Is Just Perfect!


When animals are born with any kind of deformity, it’s generally difficult for them to survive, especially if they are born in the wild. If they are lucky enough to be born into a home with loving people around, they often are rewarded with great care and survive pretty well. Such is the case with “Piglet”.


Piglet, you see, was born a teeny kitten with a cleft lip. This deformity gave her the appearance of having a snout, rather than a normal kitten nose and mouth. Hence, her name.


Thankfully, the veterinarian who saw her noted that she did not have a full cleft palate, so she is fully able to eat and swallow normally. If she had had a cleft palate, she would have needed surgery so that she could swallow her food. Lucky little Piglet didn’t need that surgery so she grew as any other kitten would.


Piglet is absolutely adorable, and plays and jumps around to the delight of all who see her. She is completely comfortable in her own kitten skin, unaware that she looks any different from any other kitten. She is lucky enough to have a furry sibling with which to play all the time.


Piglet loves to play with her toys or her sibling, and she loves to get into trouble, as many kittens do! All she seems to understand is that the world around her belongs to her and she will do what she wishes with any and all of it!


To watch her at play is to find your unending smile. Her eyes are large and luminous and her hunting instincts are sharp! When a toy is tossed her way, she immediately pounces upon it to make it hers! And she will do the same with her sibling’s tail, given the chance!


She will jump and bite and claw to take hold of anything that moves and she’s as cute and funny as any other little kitten. Her little mouth only makes her that much more adorable to watch.


Piglet is a kitten that any cat lover would want to view all day long! She’s funny and fluffy, yet her personality is as big as a lion! She attacks her prey as if it’s the only job she has in the world and she has no idea that she’s so cute. Had she been given any other name, I doubt anyone would question her beautiful little face. She’s just way too much fun to watch!


This is one cat who’s definitely not going to let her deformity affect the quality of her life in any way! Don’t forget to share this pawsome post with your friends too!

[h/t LoveMeow]

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