Coco The Dog Completes Her Bucket List Before Passing Away…


Bucket lists have become very popular in the last few years. People have talked about them and there was even a movie made about them. Bucket lists are things people want to do before they die (kick the bucket).

For some people, bucket lists can involve things like visiting foreign countries, skydiving, eating exotic foods, learning new languages, etc. And, up until now, I’ve only heard about them pertaining to people.

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Coco was a beautiful Rottweiler. Symon and Theresa adopted Coco as a puppy, and as with most pet owners, they expected a long and fun filled life with their dog. And everything went as expected for 8 years until they received the sad news that Coco had bone cancer. The news, as you can imagine, devastated them and began to bring them down. And then they realized that their sad emotions were also passing into Coco.

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Because they didn’t want Coco’s last weeks, months or years to be sad ones for everyone involved, they wrote a bucket list for Coco. They wanted Coco to have a fun life regardless of the diagnosis. And so they set about bringing Coco to a restaurant for a steak dinner. Symon shared an ice cream cone with Coco.

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Coco got to meet the British Transportation police. Coco was able to eat a Big Mac hamburger. They brought Coco to the beach to play with other dogs. They made a cast of Coco’s paw. And so many other things not listed, but greatly enjoyed by Coco and humans alike. It was a time to share and remember.

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They documented it all in pictures and just to see the joy on Coco’s face is enough to know that the bucket list was a huge success. Our pets understand our emotions and know when things are good and when things are not so good. To take a sick pet and give them the joy of life in this way is a remarkable thing, and it says a lot about the kind of people that Symon and Theresa are.

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People often talk about their pets as part of the family, and Symon and Theresa treated Coco exactly as someone would a member of the family who had gotten a bad medical diagnosis. We all want our loved ones to find happiness in this life, and when we know that they don’t have much more time, we all wish them the most love and joy in their last days. Coco was one lucky dog to have been granted just that.

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