Chewed Roof On A Dog Carrier And An Amazing Rescue


Father and son were riding their motorcycles in Arkansas. In the brush, by the side of the road, they noticed something and they parked to investigate it a little further. What the two saw was a life changing sight.

An animal carrier was found on the side of the road. It blended in well and so it could have been passed by hundreds of other people.

After closer examination of the carrier, they noticed that the top had been chewed through. Whatever was in the carrier had been desperately trying to get out – and it had not been successful.

The father and son opened the carrier and a starving dog was found inside. The dog came out, but the poor thing was hunched over because it had been inside of the too small carrier for way too long.

The father and son left the dog where it was to go get food. The dog then ate the food as quickly as they could serve it up.

They also returned with a truck so they would be able to take the dog away. The dog was loaded up to be brought to some care.

The dog was emaciated with ribs showing. She showed her appreciation the moment she was inside the truck with kisses.

The moment the dog was brought home, she was given a bath. Again, she showed some appreciation for the TLC she was being given.

The dog was given the name Charlie Bravo, which are military call letters. They call her CB for short.

CB was then taken to the vet for a visit. It had been so long since her nails had been trimmed that they had grown back into her paws, causing her pain.

There were also sores on her body. The vet took care of those and estimated that she was about eight months old. They had no clue as to how long she was in the carrier for.

Because of her nails and the filth of her white paws, the estimate was that she was in the carrier for quite some time.

Bret, the father, had only planned on fostering CB, but fell in love and decided to keep her.

CB has proven that she is very affectionate, so it was hard to blame Bret for his decision.

Charlie Bravo is now in a home that absolutely loves her!

The family made a Facebook page to talk about the journey of CB and there were many donations to help with the vet bills.

Donations were more than the bills, so the remaining donations were given to animal shelters locally.

There are now four rescue dogs living with the family and they want to start their own rescue foundation.

The name of the foundation will be Charlie’s Angels!!
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