Caring Man Saves Puppies From The Flood In The Most Creative Way


There was very terrible flooding in the Louisiana area and this truly devastated many people by damaging homes, things in the homes and businesses in the area. Much is lost as the video shows water that is high in the street, which now looks like a vast river.


Thus one can only imagine the terrible damage inside the homes and other commercial buildings in the area. This seems like a story of tragedy when you see the homes and buildings and the people in the area must be worried about the cost of the damage that the flood did, which is likely in the millions of dollars.

But then even in the midst of this tragedy, there is a heart warming side to this story by a middle aged man.. He seems to have a real purpose about him that he is pouring his heart into. He is seen in the video bent over an air mattress pushing it along the flooded streets that have become like a river now due to an unexpected large amount of rain recently.

But, no, the man is not trying to push the air mattress across the newly formed river that has overtaken the streets in order to simply save the air mattress from his home. He had left his home earlier with his other family members. When he left his home earlier that day, he said that the level of the water had only been at a level of two inches. But since going back, he said that the water had now risen to a shocking level of three feet in just a few hours.

So the reality is that this man came up with a very clever idea of how to rescue his puppies out of the flooded area. He got an air mattress from someone, returned to the area with it by car, and made sure to park his car on higher ground that was not flooded in order to keep his car from floating away. He is seen pushing the air mattress with about eight puppies on it. They are so adorable. There are black ones and one light brown one.

The puppies do not seem to be frightened at all. They seem to be very calm indeed. They sat peacefully and still on the air mattress as they were being pushed up the flooded area, content and happy to see their master. The puppies seem to know he cares and is a true friend to them. The man ends the video by putting all the puppies safely in his car.

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