She Brings A Box To The Doggy Slumber Party. When They See What’s In It… Oh My!


Slumber parties are fun no doubt, but it’s not only children and teens who enjoy having the occasional sleep over with their friends. Dogs also love a good sleep over, but unlike their human counterparts who enjoy watching movies, pigging out on junk food or having fun experimenting with makeup, most dogs just simply are not into trying out new makeup or watching movies.

OK well maybe there are a few canines who enjoy a good flick once in a while, but generally it’s not something most dogs would consider entertaining. So how do you keep a pack of 15 to 20 rambunctious pooches entertained during a sleep over?
The staff at “Lucky Puppy Country Doggy Daycare” found the perfect form of fun and excitement to keep their party-goers entertained at their annual doggie slumber party. Everyone knows dogs LOVE to chase things, and the tennis ball is one of those favorite things most dogs enjoy playing with. The participants of this doggie sleepover were treated with a big ole’ box filled with rubbery, bouncy tennis balls, it was a doggie dream come true.

The staff at the dog daycare dumped the full box of tennis balls out onto the floor and total chaos ensued as each dog jumped into action trying to get his or her share of the lovely bouncy tennis balls. All of the dogs, tail wagging, barking and running around was a site to see. With so many bouncing tennis balls rebounding off the floor all around them, each pup seemed to have a difficult time deciding on just which ball to make their own.

Watching the video it become obvious it was not only difficult to decide which ball to catch, but how to acquire more than one at a time. Several of the slumber party pooches would catch one and then another bouncing in the vicinity also became appealing.

Apparently choosing just any ball was not an option, as you see almost every dog sniff each ball they come into contact and then moving on to the next. Who knew each ball had its own unique smell and that whatever that smell was may or may not be the smell that tickled the fancy of each dog that took a whiff.
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When the staff member decides to make things interesting by tossing one ball, all the dogs rush to be the first to fetch it. The doggie slumber party was a great success. Watch this funny video and get your smile on today, and don’t forget to share it often so others can join in on the fun.

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