BREAKING: A Dangerous Strain Of Dog Flu Is Spreading Across The Midwest. Will It Travel Further?


Dog owners in the Midwest need to be on high alert, as a new strain of dog flu is spreading throughout the region. This flu strain is considered to be very contagious and highly dangerous, so it is important for dog owners in the area to keep their beloved pets out of harm’s way. This flu strain originated in the Midwest, but has slowly started to spread to other regions of the country, including Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Georgia. There is no telling how much further this dog flu may spread, so it is crucial for dog owners in all parts of the country to remain vigilant.

The dogs that fell ill in the surrounding areas are still undergoing tests, so it has yet to have been confirmed whether the same flu virus that struck down the dogs in the Chicago area is the same flu virus that has struck down dogs in Ohio and Texas.

As with any other virus of this nature, humans and dogs alike are both at risk and should remain cautious. This flu virus is not only contagious, but it also carries a number of other serious risk probabilities. The only way to prevent an illness of this nature is to take every precaution necessary.

If your puppy or fully grown dog has a weak immune system and you are already aware of this fact, then it is best if you keep this dog away from other, unfamiliar dogs. This can help to safeguard them against occurrences of the dog flu virus.

Should your dog show any signs of distress whatsoever, then it is time for you to take them to the vet. This means taking your dog to a licensed professional right away. Any sort of hesitation when it comes to the health of your pet could be fatal, so act quickly.

Humans cannot catch this dog flu and become ill, but they are carriers of the virus. Unbeknownst to most of us, we carry around this virus inside of us, even though we never actually become sick. This means that we have the ability to make other dogs sick, without ever being aware. Before petting any dogs, it is important to wash your hands beforehand, otherwise you could be placing them at risk for an infection.

Much like any flu that a human can catch, this virus is easy to contain by taking the proper precautions. While the virus is also very easily contagious, a vigilant pet owner can do whatever it takes to keep it from spreading further. That is why it is so crucial for pet owners to take care of themselves and their dogs! Do not allow your pet to become the latest victim.

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