Brave Man Risks His Life To Save His Dog From A Burning House


When we truly love someone or something, there is nothing that we won’t do. We will go the ends of the earth to make sure that they are safe and well taken care of and those of us who are truly loyal do not place any boundaries on said loyalty. Take the man in this story, for instance. He went into a burning building to save a dog from almost certain death and he did so with zero regard for his own health or safety.


Mark Woodbury’s house had burst into flames one day and while most of us would run around in circles, muttering curse words and wondering what we could have possibly done to deserve such a fate, he did not wallow in his own sadness at all. He expertly assessed the situation and acted quickly in the face of a crisis.

To make matters even worse, Mark and his family weren’t even home when the fire started. The inferno first started while they were out on a shopping trip, which is truly heartbreaking. Can you imagine stepping out with your family to go to the store, only to come back and find everything you’ve ever worked and all of your worldly possessions up in smoke?

The family dog, Ditch, had been left behind when the family embarked on their shopping excursion and the four year old pup was stranded in the flames. Without immediate intervention, the animal would have probably passed away due to excess smoke inhalation. But Mark did not let the gravity of the situation stop him for even one moment, he sprinted in after the dog and set about the task of locating him.

He was not able to find Ditch on the first attempt, or even the second. Finally, on the third try, Ditch was found and Mark was able to carry the unconscious animal to safety. The dog temporarily succumbed to the smoke, but thanks to Mark’s expert performance of CPR, the dog stayed alive until the paramedics arrived.

Just take a look at this incredible image!


Ditch is now in recovery and has his wonderful father to thank for his life. If not for the quick and selfless actions of his owner, we shudder to think about what Ditch’s fate would have been. This beautiful rescue story needs to be shared with a wider audience, so take a moment to pass it along to your friends.

Thankfully, Ditch is recovering well and his condition is stable, thanks to the quick actions of his owner. Share this beautiful rescue story with your friends too.

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