A Box Was Left At The Shelter, And The Smell Was Horrible. So They Opened It…


This is the story about a dog who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds. Pandora is a loving, beautiful dog. Unfortunately, she fell into the wrong hands and suffered immensely at the hands of people who did not care about her well-being. She lived a life that would break the spirit of most animals, until she was finally rescued one day.

On April 23, a box arrived at the San Jose Animal Care Center. It was mysteriously taped and labeled and there was no way for workers to tell what (or who) was inside. The box was brought to them by concerned members of the local community and even the most even keeled person would have been flabbergasted when they caught a glimpse of the box’s contents.

The horrific smell that was emanating from the box was awful and once it was opened, an injured Pandora lay inside. She was severely matted and feared for her life. What kind of person would throw an injured dog into a box and tape it shut? While they had probably hoped that she would pass away, Pandora’s grit and perseverance kept her going, in the face of unbelievable adversity.

We could all learn a thing or two from Pandora. She kept fighting for her life, even when the people who were supposed to care for her did not provide her with food, water, or even basic shelter. Pandora clung to life and from the moment the box was opened by the dedicated workers at the San Jose Animal Care Center, nothing was ever the same for her.

Poor Pandora arrived with a deep, painful wound on her shoulder and a filthy coat. However, she remained nice and calm as the vets performed their examination. The person or persons who are responsible for this ought to be utterly ashamed of themselves. Why do people feel the need to torture innocent animals?

Take a look at this video, but please be forewarned: it is somewhat graphic. Discretion is advised for viewers who have weaker stomachs.

We cannot figure out why someone would treat a defenseless creature in this manner. Senseless acts like these are beyond our realm of understanding. If you have an animal living in your care, please act responsibly. To raise awareness about animal cruelty, be sure to share this important with your friends and family. Hopefully, these incidents can one day become a thing of the past.

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