A Boarded-Up Doghouse Was Pried Open Revealing A Heartbreaking Situation


A dog is known as man’s best friend and the most commonly kept pet, for companionship, security, among other reasons. Dogs should be shown unconditional love and care and their loyalty and commitment are lifelong. For someone to mistreat or maltreat a dog is unfathomable and should not be encouraged, if you can’t properly take of a dog then you should not get one.


A doghouse was found in the southern part of Los Angeles, it had a board over the opening and was nailed shut. A man noticed the doghouse on the left lane of traffic and when he saw it was nailed shut, quickly call the police to the scene. They were able to pry the board open and to everyone’s shock and dismay, a wounded dog had been trapped inside.

They called on Ghetto Rescue Foundation to come an attend to the dog. They had to forcefully remove the dog from the doghouse as it was very scared and in serious need of immediate medical attention. The dog had untreated wounds and they found out that the dog had been locked up in that state for three days.


The Ghetto Rescue Foundation took the dog with them to tend to its wounds. They got the dog cleaned up and continued to care for it and look after it. They dog was given the name Walter Worthy Higgins and taken into their care. He was showered with love and well taken care of to help him heal faster.

For him to be able to learn to be social and regain his trust in humans, Walter Worthy Higgins will be in a foster home for a while before he can be adopted by anyone. Walter has gone through a lot of trauma and rejection and is still a little scared to interact with others. He is also still healing from his wounds but the major recovery he will need to make is emotional.


Though Walter suffered pain, he is gradually learning to trust again and interact with others. He has a lot of love to give and is on the way to total recovery which everyone is hopeful will happen soon. His road to a new life has already begun and once he gets adopted into a loving home, Walter will once again be the cheerful fun-loving dog he used to be.

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