Bird Learns Peek-A-Boo, Can’t Stop Laughing About It


Cody is a blue parrot. You can be certain that this bird s not the only one in the world that can do this set of tricks but this is the only video of any parrot that is so smart or so well trained. The variety of speech and the reflection of the owner’s motion are truly amazing.

Cody is a really nice blue color and is just the right size to sit on his owner’s shoulder. We are not told whether the bird has been trained to do the things that he does or that the bird just picked the tricks up naturally. If the bird was trained it must have taken untold hours to get this kind of performance to the level of perfection you see in the video.

The bird is cute and funny as he repeats every move that his owner makes and every word that she says. As the show goes along, the lady gets more and more tickled at the bird’s antics to the point that she is almost bursting to laugh. The woman keeps her cool at least almost through several minutes of fun with her bird.


No one knows why some species of parrots repeat sounds they hear. The words Cody “says” are absolutely clear and easy to understand. The extent of the bird’s vocabulary may be small but from all appearances Cody can learn any phrase.

The funniest thing about the video is the coordination of movement between the woman and the bird. The bird mimics every movement of the head and face that the woman makes. It is absolutely astounding. The bird and the woman seem to share one mind while they are just playing around. It is clearly obvious that they love each other.


You will definitely want to watch Cody’s little show more than once. You will not see anything quite like this even from professional bird performers and their birds. The little bird is really darling and utterly amazing. The lady may be able to keep from laughing but it is a sure bet that you cannot when you see Cody do his thing.

Share this amazing parrot video with all of your friends just for a laugh. Jimmy Buffett fans and all parrot-heads will be tickled to death at how articulate Cody is and how great a performer the little bird is. This little parrot video is absolutely one of the most amazing, funny, and tender animal shows that you will ever have the privilege to see. Please share!

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