Before You Throw Away Your Kids’ Old Jerseys, Consider Doing THIS Instead!


If you have children of your own, there is a good chance that they enjoy playing sports. As a result, a collection of jerseys is created over the course of their childhood. Since these jerseys carry a great deal of sentimental value, most parents do not bother to throw them away. After all, why would you ever throw out a jersey that had so many great memories attached to it?
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Typically, a parent will have a box or even several boxes of jerseys in their home. These keepsakes do not usually serve a purpose, other than to be trotted out at family gathering for sessions of reminiscing. Until the Goodwill Gal put out these videos to show mothers what they can do with these old jerseys, all they did was take up space in the attic or basement.

By watching her videos, you can learn more about jersey related art projects and turn your precious keepsakes into beautiful decorations for the home. Most mothers do not know that these jerseys can be converted into pieces of art that can be hung in various places of pride throughout the home.

The process of converting old sports jerseys into unique pieces of art is much simpler than mothers may think. Taking a moment to watch Goodwill Gal’s videos and learn more about her personal process will help mothers to streamline their own.

All it takes are a few short, simple steps and you are able to transform your formerly useless jerseys into wall art. The Goodwill Gal even offers tips on how to turn your old children’s sports jerseys into comfortable pillows. Mothers who would rather turn their children’s memories into furniture may prefer this option.

If you know any soccer mothers out there who have boxes and boxes of jerseys from their sports obsessed children, be sure to recommend the Goodwill Gal’s videos to them so that they can learn more about the myriad possibilities for their seemingly useless sports jersey collection.

Since these jerseys carry so much sentimental value, preserving them as art and allowing them to live on forever is the best choice for many mothers. Instead of letting these jerseys sit in a closet or crawl space and collect dust, why not make them into pieces of art? Not only will this free up valuable storage space in your home, but it will also serve to make your home look much more beautiful.

As an added bonus, the jersey art makes for a great conversation piece with guests. They will undoubtedly want to know where you got your art and it will be up to you as to whether you want to reveal the secrets that you learned from the Goodwill Gal!

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