They Were Shocked At What They Saw, But These Pets Made A Transformation That Is Truly Unbelievable.


A big city is certainly not the right place for a dog to survive. They don’t have any prey in there and they certainly can’t try to hunt down humans, because the results will be catastrophic for them. But some wonderful people to save the dogs that are lost among the city, and these deserve a shout out.
1 – Buster looked pretty scary and pretty sad. Looking at him you could feel the pain he carried around with him, but after he was saved, he started looking like a happy dog with shiny eyes! Beautiful!
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2 – Livy was a breeding dog used to make some cash. She was then abandoned at a shelter, schedule to be put down. Luckily, TAF rescued her and now she is happy, healthy and loved.
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3 – Sophia used to be afraid. You can tell just be looking at the first picture – she is hiding in the corner. Now she is confident enough to be out there and to be loved by her owner.
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4 – This one was just starving out there. As said before, there is no prey, there is nothing to eat out there. Once he was rescued, his life turned upside down and now he is healthy and has a sleeping couch!
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5 – This is Pitch. He was incredibly scared when he was out on the streets. He barely raised his head in front of anyone. Now, he is confident and trusts his owner with his life.
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6 – this dog just wanted a little affection. You can look at the first picture and tell by her eyes, she just wants to be loved. Luckily, she did found someone to love her!
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7 – Amanda was scared and quite clearly, she didn’t trust anyone. Then she got a new home and now she isn’t scared at all. In fact, she looks like she could go for some squirrels.

via Trio Animal Foundation

8 – Maurice looked like a homeless dog. A total cliché. But after someone decided to take care of him, he looks like a business dog. Who wants to buy some stock? I do.
via Betsy And Iya

9 – This is Valentine. Someone put her in her cone and casts but that certainly didn’t make her happy. Just look at her face, you almost want to cry with her. But then someone loved her, and how she smiles to the world.
via Trio Foundation Animals

10 – The difference between these two pictures, besides the date? A whole lot of love. The power of love is incredible, and it is proven right there.
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11 – This might not be a dog, but it will sure melt your heart. Just take a close look at what some love and care did for this little guy. He went from feeling down to feeling awesome.

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