All Of The Dogs Stand At Attention. What They Do Next Just Ripped My Heart Out.


While many domesticated dogs spend their days frolicking in the grass and getting their belly scratched, police dogs are being trained to catch the bad guys. The Las Vegas Police Department’s finest men are accustomed to having dogs along their side in some of their most dangerous pursuits. Whether officers are tracking down missing people, suspects, or searching for substances police dog’s play a vital role in making their job easier and safer.

Skilled men and women train the police dogs. These trainers build upon the dogs’ loyal nature to create emboldened bodyguards. Loyal protectors, who truly wont leave you behind are the best way to describe a police dog ready for the field.

The rigorous training undergone by these dogs, includes running obstacle courses, proper take down techniques, and cues for when to attack. They also respond quickly to any surrounding stimuli and cues specifically from their master. Police dogs are trained to protect their human partners more than anything else. Once prompted by the perpetrators action or their master’s instructions, they will strike and attack without hesitation. A police dog’s teeth and fortitude are his only weapons.

In this case, Nicky was the K-9 assigned to the job and the task was to apprehend a double-murderer. This is where a dog is most valuable to the police force. They are not threatened or intimidated by the backstory involved with the target at hand, or paw. Their judgment is not affected by any adrenaline or fear. These police dogs are blessed in many ways since they do not deal with complex emotions such as guilt and over compensation, which plague the human psyche. Sadly, Nicky passed away on March 31st, 2016 following the crucial arrest.

No loss is taken lightly among the police force. It is a culture that goes beyond breed or category. A memorial is always held for an officer who gives his life in the line of duty and often times outside of duty. Many people argue that the dogs have no idea what they’ve been signed up for, which makes it all the more sad. The police dogs may be the most vulnerable and irreplaceable assets on the police force.

Nicky was a beloved companion to his human and K-9 colleagues. He will be deeply missed. The Las Vegas Police Department, police dogs as well as men, gathered to pay homage to the fallen hero. If you want to see loyalty in action watch this video. It’s a tearjerker!

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