After Being Away For A Few Hours, They Never Expected To Come Home To THIS!


Puppies, just like little children can be a burden when they are new in an environment. They make a mess everywhere and chew on everything they can find. When you adopt a puppy, it is normal that you would be nervous about leaving them alone in the house. Some may wonder how they would cope with being alone, and others worry about whether they would break their ancestral vase. Once this stage is passed, the dog will become more used to being alone and won’t be up to any mischief while his family is away.

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This family didn’t expect what they found after they went out and left their husky home alone to go and watch a movie. They were nervous at first but decided to say goodbye to their pet and head for the movies. After three hours, the movie was over, and it was time to back home to their pet. They returned home and saw a surprise. Their pet was at the door, sitting mischievously as if he knew what he had done. They opened the door and saw such a big mess. And unending dog paw trail of black ink all over the living room, the hallway, and the bedroom.

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The dog apparently found his way into their calligraphy set and played with it while using it to wreck havoc on the home.

These photos are hilarious as well as painful, and some people have been trying to imagine what was going through the mind of the pet as he wrecked havoc. Some believe that the dog played with the calligraphy kit and saw the mess he had created and tried to clean it up with his paws, but only succeeded in making it worse. Others believe that he played a fun game of blues and was carried away halfway through the game.

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Whatever the case was, the pet had fun on his first day alone at home. He probably didn’t mean to make the mess as you can see from his behavior when they returned. He was remorseful, and I’m confident that he would have apologized and cleaned it up if he has a voice and some hands. This is also a lesson for other dog owners, leave them all alone at your own risk.

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