Adorable Kitten And Puppy Unleash Their Powers And Start A Throwdown!


This video is all about the cuteness that is brought by pets. On the road, there is a kitten and a puppy. The kitten is all about wanting to play, and her best friend appears to be a puppy. It clearly isn’t a throwdown of the intimidating. This street fight is simply too adorable to miss.

The kitten is all about playing with his friend. He is all over him, being quick and nimble like only a cat can. You see that the dog isn’t too bothered by the fact that his friend wants to play and that he is all over him. In fact, it looks like the dog is enjoying himself, too.
If you think about it like a ninja movie, it becomes even more hilarious. You can put in your own sound effects, because all you hear in the actual video is a few little meows now and then. It certainly isn’t a WOW! BAM! ZAP! Kind of attack, but you can make these sounds on your own as you help to narrate the video.

This poor pup probably didn’t even see it all coming. The kitten is just having too much fun, and he doesn’t show any signs of letting up. However, they both know their limitations. After a while, the pup seems to grow a little tired of it all, and makes a little bit of a sound. That’s when the kitten finally lets up, knowing that he might have taken things a little too far.

It’s hard for either one of them to be too intimidating when they look as cute as they do. It’s unclear as to whether these belong to the same owner, and if they do, it may be complete cuteness overload. After all, how is anyone supposed to choose between this adorable puppy and the fiercely cute kitten? Anyone would be crazy to try and take on both of them!

Puppy And Kitten Throwdown In The Most Adorable… by BridozEmotion
Thank goodness for whomever turned on the camera to catch this little showdown. There’s clearly no match with the two, but that doesn’t mean it’s not completely adorable. The kitten obviously just wants some love and the puppy knows how to give it.

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