Abandoned Dog Stood Howling For Days After Owner Drove Off


Due to some unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances, many people are often left with no choice at all but to surrender, re-home or abandon their dogs. Sadly enough, most of the excuses for this irresponsible act are usually ridiculous, shameful and absolutely idiotic.

As an adopted member of the family, it is expected to love and cherish a dog every day of his or her life. For one reason or the other, many pet owners do feel that they no longer have need of their dog and so what they prefer to toss their pet away like a toy that has only been played with for a few times.


The situation in this video is one of such experiences many dogs in their hundreds are passing through. The owner of this lovely dog got up one day and decided that she will no longer remain part of the family and so her owner thinks that the best way to dispose the dog was to drop her off in the parking lot of Sam’s Club. Her owner drove away without looking back as soon as she was dropped off.


While the dog was left alone in the parking lot, it began to howl momentously as soon as she discovered that she had been abandoned and let alone to fend for herself. By this time, it had become obviously clear that her owner would never return again.

The dog was so down casted and heartbroken to the extent that she kept on crying and peering into the windows of people’s car as she kept haunting the parking lot for days. This was revealed by the staff at the store. According to Kimberly Slown, a staff at Arrow Dog Rescue, although the dog seemed to be in really good condition, it was obvious that her collar had been removed by the person who had abandoned her and driven off.


However, it wasn’t long before a ‘Good Samaritan’ came crossing her way. One fateful day the sound of the howling dog attracted a volunteer at Arrow Dog Rescue, Mary Murphy to her case. Although, it was difficult to slip a collar around her neck that day, however, after spending some days with the dog in the parking lot, a collar was finally slipped around her neck.

Gradually Murphy earned the dog’s trust and named her Samantha who is now in the care of Arrow Dog Rescue.

Samantha is in the care of Arrow Dog Rescue and will soon be looking for a foster home.

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