Abandoned Dog Can’t Stop Shaking With Fear In The Shelter…


When a dog that lives in a shelter displays excessive aggression, this can make it very difficult for them to find a forever home with a loving family. No one wants to bring home a pet that could potentially hurt them or one of their loved ones.

Putting these animals to sleep is a last resort and many shelters spend months socializing their residents, so that families can feel comfortable with taking them into their homes. While many of these animals do not have a say in how they raised, Angel is not like the typical dogs that you will find in a shelter.

She was living in a Florida animal shelter known as Putnam County Animal Control, after being unceremoniously dumped there.
As soon as the dog was placed inside of her kennel, she developed an uncontrollable case of the shakes.


Angel was so overcome with fear, she did not even have the ability to pick up her head. No one could tell if she had been in a shelter already or if she was simply in a state of mourning. She had an owner and a home in the past, so perhaps she was overcome with memories of the life that she once had.

It was clear to all observers that Angel was absolutely petrified about what would happen next. The noise that the other dogs were making served as very little comfort to her and she spends much of her time hiding underneath her bed, in search of that elusive peace and quiet.

A video was taken of Angel during one of her shaking spells and was posted to Facebook. The video went viral, receiving millions of views from animal lovers all over the world. Finally, someone from Pit Sisters came along to take her in and provide her with a foster home to live in.


From there, Angel came out of her shell and found the playful nature that she had once lost. The tender, loving care she received played a huge role in her turnaround. While the foster home is certainly an improvement, let’s all cross our fingers and pray that she manages to find a forever home as soon as possible.

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If you would like to know more info about how to adoption this dog go here: Putnam County Animal Control

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