Abandoned Pit Bull Is So Depressed She Just Stares At The Wall


Most of us have experienced the simple beauty of being able to spend time at home with our loved ones, sitting by a cozy fire and soaking up affection. But for the dog in this video, this moment has never taken place and to her, it is merely a dream that has yet to become a reality.


This pitbull is named Princess and Princess has been dealt a bad hand in life. She is 8 years old and has been abandoned since January 2013. Up until that point, she had a family to call her own. But they decided to move and did not want to be bothered with the task of taking their pooch along for the ride.


Phoenix’s Maricopa County Animal Care and Control was placed in charge of Princess. From there, Princess was slated for a euthanization. But Rescue Pals’ Elena Bobu decided to rescue Princess from this shelter and save her life.


Elena discovered that Princess’ owners had allowed her weight to balloon to an unhealthy level and that her coat was in a state of disrepair. When Elena first decided to adopt Princess, she was told that the dog did not like people. However, Princess took an immediate shine to Elena and they became fast friends.


Elena then set about the task of locating a forever home for Princess, but she has had no luck so far. Princess was adopted on three different occasions and was returned each time. Princess was forced to live in substandard conditions and on one occasion, Elena had to pay an owner $100 just to get Princess back.


All the coming and going has depressed Princess. She can’t figure out why no one wants her. She is still without a home and Elena has recently written a Facebook post in hopes of finding her a family.


Princess would prefer a home without small children or other dogs who are hyperactive. Her best case scenario would be to find a home with older children or a small puppy. Take a moment to watch the video and if you wish to adopt Princess, send an email to info@princessthebulldog.com.


Please share this story with your closest friends and family, so that Princess can find a forever home as soon as possible. Those who are unable to adopt Princess, say a prayer for this loving dog, in hopes that she will locate a family that can care for her before it is too late.



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