A Velcro Dog Is Always Near Its Watching Its Owner Like A Hawk


Does your dog follow you whenever you take a step? If yes, then you have a Velcro dog as a pet. Velcro dogs stay close to their human owners, that it can become creepy. Living with a dog that requires such closeness means that your privacy is totally ‘gone with the wind.’ If you have not experienced such before, don’t be scared if you wake up in the middle of the night to see your new pet on your bed.


When your pet has become your escort, you have to be cautious of your movements. You have to be careful when you walk around your house to avoid stepping on your dog. This may be frustrating if you just got a new pet only to find out that it won’t give you some breathing space. You shouldn’t be wary of such dogs, they are one of man’s best friends as they would literarily give their lives for your own.

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Even when you are preparing meals in the kitchen, you have to walk carefully to avoid tripping over the dog. If you are used to your pet being your personal shadow, then you might feel guilty when you leave home for work or shopping. Even when you just step outside the house to dispose of the garbage or get the mail, it feels like you are denying your pet something special to it.

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So, you may find yourself showering gifts on your dog to placate it for leaving home alone. Imagine a scenario where a dog will chose to stay by the side of its owner instead of playing with other dogs if it visits the park with its owner. Thus, Velcro syndrome may become a problem if the owner of such a dog gets into a new relationship. The pet may perceive the owner’s partner as its rival. It will want to push the newcomer out of the picture by being aggressive and barking at them.

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So what happens to all the hugs and pats? The clinginess by Velcro dogs can be reduced if their owners keep them busy physically and mentally. Also, you can teach your dog to stay in its special place, keep a distance when you need privacy and desensitize it from your movements.

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