A Brave Dog Sacrificed Himself In Paris. Now He’s Being Honored In A Special Way.


A seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Diesel was killed in a battle with ISIS militants, which are now known to be behind the Parris massacre. Dogs like Diesel save human lives in the course of their work every day. They are sent in to sniff out traps that could otherwise be triggered by police. That was her job that day. She was sent into the flat to sniff out traps, and a woman came out firing a high-powered machine gun at police and then she exploded a suicide vest she was wearing. At least five officers were injured, and Diesel was killed.


This report went viral with-in minutes, and with it many condolences were sent to the dog’s handler. He is suffering a great loss of a companion and partner like no other.

The attacks on the citizens of Paris were horrific. Much like the 9/11 attacks on the United States, the world froze for a moment in disbelief. And then, the world began to stand. People began to wipe their tears and brace for what was next. And the streets filled with men and women who sprang into action, with every ounce of their being and every skill and tool at their disposal. Diesel was one of those tools. A living and breathing creature trained to do just what she did.


Some people took advantage of this heartbreaking story to trash the media and all those who praise Diesel because she was “just a dog”. Callus and tasteless jokes were made about countries that eat dogs. Angry people who are not involved in any part of the horrific war weary countries questioned why the media attention is not utilized to name mothers, children and innocent people who are being massacred.

All over the globe, people are praying, crying and morning for the deaths of people whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are all tired and sickened over blood soaked grounds and intolerance. Feeling sadness at the loss of this beautiful animal does not take away from that. Killing an innocent animal did not stop the killing of many innocent people. We did not get a choice. Diesel did not get a choice. The only ones who have choice in this matter are the murderers who choose to die and take as many living creatures with them as possible.


Diesel gave unconditional love, support and obedience to her handlers. She did nothing to deserve to die. She saved lives because she forfeited her own. No, she did not know she was going to die for her obedience. Yet she died a horrible death.

So to those who criticize the praise of this animal we can only say, death is death and pain is pain. Diesel is a hero and we honor her with a few moments of our time. Diesel, we thank you girl. PLEASE SHARE THIS ON FACEBOOK AND HELP US MAKE THIS STORY VIRAL!

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