19 Photos That Will Get Your Adrenaline Going


Feeling some adrenaline never harmed anyone… well the adrenaline itself didn’t, so here are some pictures to get your adrenaline going.
1 – Camping on a cliff, because who needs their feet on solid ground? Not these guys, that’s for sure.
2 – Some people don’t like to be on top of tall buildings, others don’t just like to be on top of regular buildings. This guy loves to hand on top of tall buildings.


3 – Tired of roaming your boat in calm water? No problem, you can just go kayaking on white water in Chile. It doesn’t look like death, or anything.
4 – I like to see my ice in the freezer, or inside my drinks. Not in front of me when I am holding onto it for dear life.
5 – Norway’s Trolltunga is a beautiful place to see in pictures and all that, but to go there is just crazy, especially if you want to do yoga.

6 – Do you want to have a tree house? Great. Do you want to put a swing on it? Why not! Do you want that swing to put you over an incredibly high area? 6 7 – Since cliff camping wasn’t good enough the first time, here’s some more of it. This guy, in fact, even decided to look down to see the trees. 7 8 – Climbing is really cool when you’re in a safe environment with some protecting gear on you. It doesn’t look so cool when you are hanging onto a rock to save your life. 8 9 – These beautiful mountain are located in South Africa. They hold in them the story of our world and how it evolved. I would rather study them than climb them. 9 10 – In Iceland there is a boulder located between two mountains, acting as a bridge. It’s just hanging there, waiting until gravity wins and it falls down. 10 11 – This is called the death trail, and you can pretty much tell why it’s called that. It’s just that close to it. It’s in Mount Huashan in China, if you want to go there. 11 12 – Diving is cool and all that, but some people really have a lot of courage to dive from high places. And some other people are just crazy to dive like this. 12 13 – Bridges usually have some protection so people won’t fall to their death. Well, this one doesn’t, and the fall is really high. 13 14 – Base jumping. Because it’s fun to jump off a cliff with parachute on. 14 15 – Some people climb mountains, others climb buildings, and some others climb ice. People climb everything! 15 16 – Redwood trees are pretty tall, as you can see from the image, so you need to really be brave to climb one like that. 16 17 – If kayaking wasn’t enough, there is also extreme kayaking. This one is at Victoria Falls. Now that’s looking at death in the face. 17
18 – Free climbing is just incredibly dangerous – there is absolutely no safety gear. And in here, you have Alex Honnold just resting.
19 – Some people won’t go paragliding, others won’t go near a trapeze. Others will go trapeze paragliding, why not.

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