Dog Has An Unusual Way Of Marking His Territory (Must Watch!)


Are you looking for funny animal videos? This video is a must see. This hilarious video features a dog that can do more than just the average dogs tricks. The best part is – he isn’t really trying to do a trick, he’s just trying to mark his territory. Have you ever seen a dog walk around on his paws for over a minute? Neither had we. Watch this funny dog video now and share with all of your friends.


Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Okay…maybe he’s taught himself this trick. This is something we had never seen before! This dog has a very unusual way of relieving himself when he needs to pee. But it isn’t just a second-long parlor trick, this pup takes a stroll around his owner’s porch, marking his territory along the whole way. Confused? We were too at first. This isn’t something you see every day, but it is a must watch! We guarantee you won’t forget this video!

Walking on his (Front) Paws?

That’s right, this dog walks around on his paws! His female owner can’t help but to laugh – and neither can we, as this IS one hysterical animal video! She giggles as he hits around the 40 second mark. I know that we’d be thinking, ‘he is still going? It’s been almost a minute!’ But he doesn’t stop there! It’s pretty astonishing but he just keeps going and going, turning corners and navigating like a pro. He never puts his back paws down and he never stops marking his territory. Is he trying to make pee art on his owner’s porch? That’s what it looks like.

60 Second Pee Parade

The hilarious video continues on for over a minute as the dog walks on his front paws, marking his territory, creating swirls and shapes on his owner’s porch without ever resting his back paws! That’s pretty extraordinary, how many dogs have you seen walk on their front paws – much less walk on their front paws, while they pee, for over 60 full seconds. We wonder – was he taught or was this something he created on his own? How would you even teach that? Hysterical!

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Are you laughing still because of how incredibly cute and funny this animal video is? Oh my gosh – we are too. After all, it definitely isn’t every day that you see a dog you can walk on his front paws, much less a dog that walks on his front paws while marking his territory in shapes and designs. Don’t deny your friends and family the chance to watch this video and laugh as much as you! Like and share this video now!

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