15 Hilarious Cats With Human Facial Expressions


These pictures capture cats doing ordinary cat stuff. Well, some of it is not exactly ordinary. The expressions on the cat’s faces are hilarious and the captions that the photographer added as a human’s interpretation of what the cat is thinking or feeling is really funny.


All cat owners know these looks. The sullen superiority of the cat of the house, the surprise of being awakened from a cat nap, and the odd things that cats do in groups are all familiar to cat owners. Let us not forget the charming and quizzical looks that kittens are famous or infamous for.

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As humans, we often wonder what the cat has been up to when they have a certain look on their face. That innocent face means the cat has just wreaked havoc in the bedroom or the kitchen. The do not touch me face means the cat is a bit perturbed with you or something.

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People try to put human emotions and feelings into cat expressions. This set of pictures does that very well and hilariously. Whether the cat actually feels or thinks what we think that they do is of little consequence compared to the humor and fun that we get from our feline’s expressions and moods.

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These photos capture a large variety of cat facial expressions. One of the photos that is really funny is the look on a cat’s face just before and just after the cat gets clobbered by a snow ball. Pity the poor human that threw the snow ball when the cat recovers and seeks revenge.


A group of three cats is seen intently looking over a small concrete wall at something that we cannot see. The photographer managed to get all three of the cat’s attention and make them turn around. The three cats have that “who me” look on their face. It is cantankerously funny.

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These are exceptionally clever pictures of cats doing funny things and pretty normal stuff. The captions help make the cat thoughts come to life. You can make up your own captions if you like.

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This set of photos is definitely worth a share. They are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face be they a cat lover or not. Purrfectly captured pussies with all too knowing and astoundingly human expressions. The pictures make you know that the cat really owns you instead of you owning the cat.
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