15+ Creative Dog Owners Who Did Pawesome Things For Their Dogs


There is one thing that is mostly common about people: we don’t have to agree on everything, but we can all agree on one uniting factor: when we love something, we love the hell out of it.


Take dog owners, for example. Most people love their pooches, and will do anything it takes to care of them. From the most mundane: sweaters, to the most extravagant methods to not only show their devotion to their pets, but to take care of them, as well.

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Now, some people think this strange, but when one looks at it from a different perspective: what do parents usually do for their children? Honestly, even the most grown, self-described “macho” man will dance, drink tea, and sing for his little girl. He will hunt for monsters under the bed and in the closet for his son. And if they were injured or hurt? There’s nothing that will stop him from ensuring their well-being. Let’s not even try to ask what mothers do: it’s too much. And there’s a saying that can only be of compliment: “Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of children.”

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So for people with pets, with the same affection in their hearts? What are they to do? Why does society think it odd that they go through such lengths for their four legged children? Because they regard pets as their children. The same rules apply, the same responsibilities. Upon seeing a pet owner that proudly proclaims their pet as “their baby”, it is a testament to the compassion of the human spirit.

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Granted, a pet is different, true. But the same creativity should apply. What you see is some of the things owners do in order to make life easier – more comfortable – for their pets. Now, one must understand: to be a good provider doesn’t have be expensive. The only real expense is the imagination applied. As in creating a ramp for your aging pooch, or train rides for pooches in need. A child’s roller skate if you have a toy dog that’s crippled for the moment. One couple’s dog went blind, so they fashioned a collar that would allow the pooch to walk around unimpeded. They even go as far as to make space so that their pooches can sleep under the mattress, close to the owner.

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All of these things that’s seen are the spirit of ingenuity invoked by people who only want what every person wants: to take care of what they love most.

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