13 Funny Winners Of The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Photographing an animal in an amusing and unflattering pose is difficult for some people. But if you like to be outdoors, then wildlife photography may be down your alley. Whenever you are photographing animals, patience is needed, and a real love for nature will help you do well in this type of photography.

The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a competition that was founded by Joynson Hicks to commemorate the silliest photos in the field of photography. This year, the prize was a seven-day safari to Southern Tanzania in East Africa and a Nikon D750 DSLR camera with a 24-85mm lens.

Below are the adorable animals that were selected for their sheer lovable charm:

“Rush Hour” – Prize Winner. (By Julian Rad)

A chubby furry Hamster was running away from the little girl that tried to tweeze its whiskers.


“You Haven’t Seen Me…” – Silver Runner-up. (By Liam Richardson)

A Reindeer playing hide and seek.


3rd Prize. (Julie Hunt)

Rolling On the Floor Laughing. ROFTL


4th Prize. (Allison Buttigieg)

In touch with all 7 Chakras.


5th Prize. (Vuzuru Masuda)

“I didn’t know ending World Hunger meant so much work.”


6th Prize. (Graham McGeorge)

Three is a crowd!


7th Prize. (Julian Rad)

A Kungfu Fighting Squirrel. All in your face Kungfu Panda.


8th Prize. (Marc Mol)

“Flap harder boys – I can feel myself beginning to fly!”


9th Prize. (Tony Dilger)

“Honey, I believe we are set for our ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ audition.”


10th Prize. (Charlie Davidson)

“Look, it’s a Bat, it’s a Bird, no… it’s Super Fly!”


Bronze Runner-up “Nearly got it.” (Oliver Dreike)

“It’s my party, and I’ll pick my nose if I want to….”


12th Prize. (Mohammed Alnaser)

“Mom and Dad were right after all when they warned me that one day I’d land with my nose in the dirt!”


13th Prize. (Megan Lorenz)

“Erm honey put it down, people are watching!”


These pictures will always be funny to look at. These animals deserve a prize for putting a smile on all our faces and helping us see a lighter and funnier side to photography.

Wildlife photography is greatly rewarding if you have the patience and drive to pursue it. Remember that no animal is a willing model, so they will not give any help with your goals– all you can wish for is that they will give you a good pose to photograph and hold the pose for a few seconds longer.

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