12 Cats Who Proved That They Have Hearts Filled With Love!


Pet animals have always shown that they are more than just a mass of parts, but that they are filled with loving essence. This loving trait has most often been credited as a preserve for dogs. Dogs are amazing, but cats blow minds too. These fluffy rolls of beauty have done many things (it’s why cat videos are famous) that have made them into instant hits when it comes to cute and lovely stuff.


A true cat owner will even argue with you that their feline has a bigger heart than your dog (or any other pet). While that argument rages on, here are 12 cats in picture poses that are more loving and cute that your favorite wedding photo.

Here we have two beautiful babies sleeping peacefully under the protection of two guard cats (like mini sphinxes). If you think they’re sleeping you probably just don’t like cats (even if you are right, it’s till a genuinely cure scene).


This particular cat sacrifices itself to become the hug buddy (they used to make lifeless toys for that) for this little lady. See how calm she is – she’s definitely loving the moment.


Snow white with all the pageantry – and one extra dose of cuteness. Hail the new princess


Like human like pet. Here is photo evidence that the bond between this two is strong as can be.


Falling asleep while holding hands is reserved for intense lovers. This picture contains at least one intense lover – and it is not necessarily human.


Curiosity reminds everyone of cats. This is a picture about a literally curious cat quite alright, it is also one about supporting your friends in whatever they do. Mom will not like that though.


Is there a better way to hit the road cycling that with a kitty this cute? (hint: the answer rhymes with no). We just hope everyone goes about their exercise safely – especially the cat.


Look at that pose of proud parents observing their child. Yes they are proud parents too – and this child is exactly worth their visible pride.


Nanny cat will keep an eye on your baby for as long as you want. This cat is doing really good as the nanny – keeping her eyes on the child literally.


Bathing together has always been a commemoration of friendship since the beginning of time. Here is another true friendship to savour.


Next to bathing together is napping together – even across specie lines.


Paint like a pro – get inspired by your cat.


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